Behind the Scenes

Crude Power is a current affairs show about the influence of the oil and gas industry in Saskatchewan. While some communities are resilient in their fight against big oil companies, others face a “culture of silence” and are afraid speaking up will only hurt their reputation. Students in Intermediate Broadcast Journalism 306 and Investigative Journalism 307 conducted research for two months before filming stories that have been seldom reported by the media.

The class was split into four teams, each telling a different story. The show was supervised by Journalism instructors Trevor Grant and Patricia Elliott. Crude Power is part of a cross-canada investigative project (see sidebar article – The Price of Oil Series). Patti Sonntag, Canada’s 2016 Michener Fellow, was the overall project manager. In addition to the documentary, this project contributed research and footage to project media partners the Toronto Star, the National Observer and Global National. 

Team Fire

Team Fire takes a look at the powerful influence big oil has on the Saskatchewan government. With new incentives every year and a regulatory system that puts industry first, one question remains: who and what gets left behind?

Team Air

H2S gas, a byproduct of oil production, kills some and hurts many others. Two Saskatchewan families struggle to speak out and hold government and industry accountable.

Team Water

We investigated claims that Husky Energy is negligent in compensation and cleanup efforts following a 225,0000 litre oil spill into the North Saskatchewan River in the summer of 2016.

Team Earth

When the oil companies came knocking in 1971, the Crushes let them in. But for the past 40 years Terry Crush has been fighting as his farm became an oil patch and his land now suffers the consequences.

Student Roles

Jennifer Ackerman
   Team Air – Camera/Editor
   Madina Azizi
   Team Air – Field Producer
Janelle Blakley
  Team Earth – Camera/Editor
Cory Coleman
   Team Earth – Reporter
Josh Diaz
   Team Fire – Camera/Editor
Katie Doke Sawatzky
   Team Fire – Field Producer
 Brenna Engel
   Team Earth – Field Producer
ared Gottselig
   Team Water – Camera Assistant
Celine Grimard
   Team Water – Field Producer
Caitlin Taylor
   Team Water – Camera/Editor
Rebbeca Marroquin
   Team Water – Reporter

Faculty Supervisors:

P.W. Elliott, University of Regina

Trevor Grant, University of Regina

Robin Lawless, University of Regina

Michaela Solomon
   Team Air – Reporter

Kyrsten Stringer
   Team Fire – Reporter